A Short Lived Reconciliation (2 Samuel 14)

How are we to respond to the troubles of life? How are we to deal with difficult people? How are we to react to opposition and injustice against ourselves?

I am thinking about people facing the following situations

–          A colleague is trying to undermine you at work, to blame you for things going wrong or take credit for something you have done.

–          You constantly come up against the crushing injustice of bureaucracy in the immigration or benefits system

–          Life is simply hard because of health, work, housing, financial worries.

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Asking God

2 Samuel 2 starts with the statement that David “asked” or “inquired of the Lord.” He was About To make a big strategic move, there would have been a lot of factors to consider including the practicalities of moving, safety, the willingness of his men to move back to Judah at a dangerous point and the politics involved in a statement of intent. However, David’s first concern was to know what God thought. Continue reading