The Commissioning of Hannes Ramsebner



Last Sunday we commissioned Hannes Ramsebner for mission in Austria as we sent him out from Bearwood following his training at Union School of Theology. Here are the promises we asked Hannes to make and that we made together as his sending church. Continue reading


Commissioned (Matthew 28:16-20)

The talk from Hannes’ commissioning service


This morning we are commissioning Hannes.  What exactly is it that we are commissioning him to do? What better place to find out than this famous passage often referred to as “The Great Commission.”

Before we go on, note three important things

–          First that it in fact it is not us that commission. We are simply passing on Christ’s commission

–          Second that whilst there is a specific way in which Hannes has been called to fulfil this, the commission is for all of us

–          Thirdly, we need to say something about the context. Continue reading