Causing and taking offence (part 4)

I have spent the first few posts focusing on the objective dimension of offence. This is not because there isn’t a subjective component to it or because this does not matter but because our society wants to deny and/or ignore the objective dynamic and so it ends up with very muddled thinking. Continue reading


Causing and taking Offence (Part 3)

My primary aim when writing something here is not because I fancy getting into some interesting debate but because stuff is pastorally important. So what is my pastoral concern when talking about offence. Continue reading

Lay it on thick

So, in an earlier post, I suggested that the Jordan Peterson-Cathy Newman interview fell short because it didn’t really get to the heart of his world-view and he wasn’t able to take us back to belief in the triune God as the root of all his thinking. Continue reading

When you think you are winning …

So, here’s the thing.  A few people saw this interview Jordan Peterson interview and began highlighting it as a great example of how to do battle with hostile, sceptical people who misunderstand you, sometimes wilfully.

I watched the interview and my reaction was. Continue reading

Leadership lessons from #GE2017

I promised some practical lessons for leaders from the General Election. This is because whatever we think about the specific political qualities of different candidates and parties, there’s a lot we can learn about leadership both from what they do well and what they do badly. Continue reading