How should Christians respond to the military action in Syria?

Yesterday, the US, Britain and France launched a military attack against Syria in response to chemical weapons attacks against Syrian civilians believed to have been perpetrated by the Assad regime? Military action has divided public opinion here in the UK. Gone are the days when war and airstrikes were a convenient way for beleaguered governments to galvanise public support and distract attention from domestic politics. Continue reading


When things come unstuck – leaving faithfully

So, what happens when it is necessary to leave your current church?  This may be because:

–          You are having to move due to work or family reasons

–          There’s a specific opportunity to serve God in a new context

–          You disagree with the church over a significant issue in terms of doctrine, direction of travel etc.[1] Continue reading

What is peace and how do I find it?

Messy Church – Messy life

A few years back I was thinking about the nature of church life. I came up with a brilliant phrase to describe it “Messy Church.” “Brilliant,” I thought, “I’ve even got a potential best-selling book title there!” Continue reading