Power, complacency and sending (4) David, Bathsheba and a different type of sending

We’ve seen the danger of being people who “send” demonstrating power, control and complacency. However, there is someone else in the Bible who sends. Continue reading


Power, complacency and sending (3) David, Bathsheba and the middle aged leader

This is one of those risky posts because it has its roots in a bit of speculation. So, let’ out those disclaimers in place. Treat this as a ” What if” type post rather than a ” here is the definitive exegesis and application.”  Continue reading

Temptation, Power and Sin (2 Samuel 11)

Why we need to talk about Sin

We need to talk about sin. It’s the last thing we want to talk about, especially in church. Church is where we sing happy songs and talk about how God is love and we are saved by grace.  Sin encroaches on our safe space. Continue reading