Did they believe?

One of the hardest situations is when an elderly relative dies and we don’t know if they put their trust in the Lord. A question came up at our youth version of #FirstLook this week. Here’s some quick thoughts. Continue reading


Doctor Who and the problem with death and dying

Warning – spoiler alerts

Another Doctor Who season has come to its finale, after all the twists and turns, the Doctor has stepped in to protect humans from watery aliens, monks and the perennial arrival of cyber-men. There’s even been cameo appearances from his arch-nemeses The Master and the Daleks.  Continue reading

Immanent, Soon and a specific time – When will the Second Coming happen?

When I was 15, I had the first of two cornea grafts (the second on the other eye was when I was 18).  This was due to a condition called keratoconus. So, whenever I visit the optician, they don’t just check my vision, they are also looking out for how the graft is doing. Stats on medical websites suggest that in 95% of cases, a graft will last at least ten years.[1] However, there is no guarantee that they will last for my life time, I’ve seen suggestions that grafts can be expected to last between 15-20 years (I’ve also seen suggestions that the grafts could hold for the duration of most of my life).[2] Continue reading

Plagues (Revelation 15-16)

The crowd are singing noisily “Going up, going up, going up.” Then against the break of play, the opposition striker gets through, one on one against the keeper, he calmly slots the ball into the bottom left corner.”

Silence falls on the ground. Then the away fans begin to chant “You’re not singing anymore” and “You only sing when you’re winning.”

It’s Sunday morning.  We stand to sing. You open your mouth and nothing comes out. You are just too overwhelmed, crushed, weary. How can you sing this morning when there’s so much trouble and uncertainty in the World? How can you sing after the week you’ve had, after your neighbour said what they did to you …and after what you said back?  How can you sing when you think about what is coming up this week -another one of your colleagues is going to be bullied out of their job because they are too old, senior and therefore too expensive? You’ve seen it coming for a while and you know it won’t be long before they come for you. How can you sing when you’ve watched the news and seen a Christian politician bullied by an angry interviewer demanding that they own up to believing something in the Bible that our world considers offensive? There’s another 7 weeks to come of politicians parading their self-interest? Continue reading

The Resurrection means (2) I can face suffering, terminal illness and death

The Resurrection of Jesus means that death does not have the last word. With his resurrection comes the promise that one day we too will be raised. In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul tells us that our resurrection bodies whilst sharing continuity with our earthly ones will be different. In Revelation 21, we are told that when we are raised, there will be no more sickness, tears, suffering or death. Continue reading

Future Grace

I’ve mentioned “Future Grace” a few times on Faithroots and in my preaching this year. So I thought it might be helpful to explain a little about what I mean by this wonderful phrase.  The phrase and the explanation behind it belong to John Piper and if you want to read further then pick up his book “The purifying Power of living by Faith in Future Grace.”[1] Continue reading