The Female Doctor and a message about gender

So, what do you make about the choice of a female to play the role of Doctor Who?

  1. Couldn’t care less
  2. Delighted -this is the change the show has been crying out for to bring it fully into the 21st Century
  3. Disgusted – this is ruining a great show.

All three of those viewpoints have been expressed since the announcement. Indeed, given that a female regeneration has been the worst kept secret for a while, the delight and outrage in equal measure has been going on for much longer. Continue reading


Doctor Who and the problem with death and dying

Warning – spoiler alerts

Another Doctor Who season has come to its finale, after all the twists and turns, the Doctor has stepped in to protect humans from watery aliens, monks and the perennial arrival of cyber-men. There’s even been cameo appearances from his arch-nemeses The Master and the Daleks.  Continue reading