A postscript on Peterson (the danger of faulty reasoning)

In the midst of the social media storm over what Eugene Peterson did and didn’t say and why he retracted, a one line put down has been employed on twitter to close the debate down.  The line is this: Continue reading


Conservative Evangelicals, Refugees and Social Action

The FIEC have provided a helpful article by Steve Wilmshurst on their website about how Evangelical Christians can engage with the refugee crisis. I want to highlight a couple of important points that the article makes, suggest some additional things that can be helpful and pick up on one point that perhaps need challenging Continue reading

Why did God let Donald Trump become President of the United States?

When this question came in, my interviewer looked a little nervous “We don’t want to get into politics on a Sunday morning!” He said. And in that context, he was right. The Gospel is bigger than party politics and political personalities and so we are careful not to get into that type of debate. Continue reading

Kings and Kingdoms Tremble at His Voice

It’s been a year of political turmoil. Here in the UK we’ve seen the tumultuous decision to leave the EU, the resignation of Prime minister, David Cameron to be replaced by Theresa May and the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. In the United States, there’s been the shock election of Donald Trump as the 45th President. Continue reading

Is it ever okay not to vote?

Liwhitehouse_historypgke many others,  I was brought up with a strong sense of my civic duty. When I turned 18 and was able to vote for the first time, it was exciting. However, I wonder whether our civic duty does always require us to vote?[1]

What do we do when we feel that we are struggling to choose between two options not because they seem equally good but because they seem equally bad?  The question is pertinent in a year full of elections.  Here in the UK, we’ve had the EU Referendum and leadership elections across different political parties culminating with the Labour Party making a choice between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.  There’s still the possibility of another Scottish Independence referendum and even an early General Election. Continue reading

What happens to strangers?

In a week when the front runner to be Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump has proposed banning Muslims from entering the USA and at a time when there is increased suspicion of people from other backgrounds, many people will find themselves feeling like strangers in their own country. Continue reading