The danger with character studies

What was it like for Barabbas as he walked out of that prison cell, not to his execution but to freedom? What motivated the women to stick close to the cross and be the first at the empty tomb after the men fled? What happened to the centurion who called Jesus  ” Son of God.” Did he become a believer? And what about Simon of Cyrene? What was it like to carry the cross for Jesus? Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes or get into the heads of those at the Cross.  Continue reading


Imagery and irony at The Crucifixion (Matthew 27:32-66)

In the lead up to Good Friday and Easter, here are a few observations and reflections on Mathew’s crucifixion account. Continue reading

Can I trust God? ( The Big Question at Easter)

Will God keep his promises? Is God someone I can depend and rely on? Our Easter Big Question was particularly with those in mind who feel that God has let them down. If we believe that God has promised us that we will marry a certain person,  that we will be healed or that we will get the exam grades we need and then that doesn’t happen we may be tempted to doubt God. In fact,  it may well devastate your faith.  Continue reading

Why did Jesus rise from the dead?

A week ago, we raised two important questions:

–          Why did Jesus die?

–          Why did Jesus rise?

When we looked at the first question, we saw that it was important for Christians because we want to follow Jesus and there are two challenges along the way

–          The temptation to sin

–          The threat of false teaching

We are now going to look in more detail at the second question “Why Did Jesus rise” and we are going to see what it says about how we deal with sin. Continue reading

The Bruised Reed means… (1) Recovery for the abused

Some of us will identify with Isaiah’s description of “a bruised reed.” Reeds were useful for all sorts of things including making rope, sandals, baskets etc. but a reed that was bruised was weakened and damaged, likely to snap with the potential to cut and harm the person holding it. Continue reading

Why did Jesus die?

We are coming into Easter week and over these next two Saturday evenings we will ask two questions.

–          Why did Jesus die on the Cross?

–          Why did Jesus rise again? Continue reading