When it’s time to go home (Reflections on John 14)

“When everything is ready I will come and get you.” (John 14:3). Continue reading


Responding to a break in

If you follow Bearwood Chapel’s Facebook page or get our weekly e-bulletin, then you will know that we recently suffered a break in. I just wanted to share a few personal reflections here. Continue reading

Citizens of a better country

The status of EU citizens living in the UK is of great significance to our community in Bearwood and to the Bearwood Chapel church family.  We are a congregation made up of many different nationalities. Quite a few, especially from our Nueva Vida congregation have come here from or via EU countries. So, when Britain voted to leave the EU, this raised great anxiety among them, would they be allowed to remain here and build a life or would they one day find themselves forced to leave. Continue reading

Jesus The Bread of Life (John 6:22-70)

Notes from  a talk at Nueva Vida


Three questions

  1. Is it possible to find real satisfaction, meaning in life?
  2. How do we properly obey God?
  3. Can I be sure that I am saved and that I will not lose my salvation?

All three of them are linked around the feeding of the five thousand.  Continue reading