What is a tentmaker ministry?

The label is specifically associated with the apostle Paul.  He was a tent maker by trade and would often take up his trade in order to bring in financial support. Continue reading


Both/And when evangelism is pastoral care and pastoral care is evangelism

“When we do anything, our test is whether or not it will speak to men in their 30s” explained the visiting US pastor. This provoked plenty of reaction and questions. Does this mean that women and older people were ignored or treated as second class. He patiently explained that it did not. It wasn’t that others were ignored but that: Continue reading

Paul’s “Women Problem” and #Churchtoo (Part 3)

We are continuing to look at 1 Timothy 2:15

“15 But women will be saved through childbearing,[c] assuming they continue to live in faith, love, holiness, and modesty.”

We have seen that we need to think about the text in its wider context and first of all, we have done this by looking at Paul’s theology. Now we can look at the verse in the context of the Bible passage it is part of.

What is happening here?

Continue reading

In defence of church planting and Church planting movements

Church planting and church planting movements have been the big talk in Global Missions over the past few years. Internationally there’s Acts29 and City to City. Here in the English Midlands we have our own 2020 Birmingham which started with an aspiration of 20 church plants by 2020 and now is seeking another 3o by 2030 with the prayer that each of those churches will plant one more.

Not everyone is happy about this though. On certain parts of the inter-web questions are being raised.  The underpinning theme is “Is this Biblical? Or is it human strategy?” These are vital questions and as I’ve been asked them directly myself I want to respond to them. Continue reading

Clarifying Faith

You ask, “So when did you become a Christian?”  One person replies “I went forward at the Billy Graham Rally in 1984.” A second person says “Ooh I think I’ve always been one.  I can’t remember a day when I didn’t love Jesus.”  Which one do you consider to be a believer? The first, second, neither or both? Continue reading

Mission is not the enemy of pastoral care

It’s one of the perennial challenges for church leaders. Do we focus outwardly on mission or inwardly on pastoral-care.  At times, it can feel like these two things are in competition. If our focus is always on outreach, then people in the church will go uncared for, unvisited, unsupported.  Of course, if we don’t do mission, then will we see any new people? Does that local church have a future? Continue reading

Witnesses ( Revelation 10-11)

Throughout Revelation, a key theme is that God has sealed, or protected, his people. We have also seen that this does not mean that Christians are guaranteed freedom from suffering. Rather, it means that we are enabled to stand firm and persevere so that we can be faithful witnesses to the Gospel. Continue reading