Ebenezer and not Scrooge

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? There’s a long tradition of doing this isn’t there? The Romans called the first month of the year “January” after their god Janus who had two faces, one looking back and one looking forward.  The idea is that we have space to reflect on how the past year has gone, how have we done, what went well, what could have been better and then make commitments for the year ahead. Continue reading


Temptation, Power and Sin (2 Samuel 11)

Why we need to talk about Sin

We need to talk about sin. It’s the last thing we want to talk about, especially in church. Church is where we sing happy songs and talk about how God is love and we are saved by grace.  Sin encroaches on our safe space. Continue reading

An important promise (2 Samuel 7-8)

It’s the 2nd July 1505 and a young Law student is out in the storm. He is nearly struck by lightning and cries in fear “Help Saint Anna, I will become a monk.” He survives the storm and Martin Luther keeps his vow going into a monastery. There he will learn the vital lesson which sets in chain the Reformation and that 500 years later we are going to learn today. Continue reading

Murder (2 Samuel 2-3)

Why is it that although I’ve put my trust in Jesus I find that life s still messy and I still struggle with sin?”

This is a big question, and one that our passage helps us to answer. Continue reading

Responding to terrorism – living now in the light of God’s Revelation

We went to bed on Monday night to the news that an explosion had been reported at an Ariana Grande gig in Manchester. We now know that it was a terrorist attack leaving 22 dead and 59 injured, many of them children.  The UK terror alert has been raised to critical meaning that another attack is feared imminent. Continue reading

Tomorrow’s World

We’ve been thinking about how we can live faithfully now in a world full of evil, suffering and temptation. How can we continue to trust God through trials and troubles? How can we resist temptation? How can we keep going? Continue reading