Heterosexual Idolatry?

In the light of the debate about banning Gay Conversion therapy, I observed a few comments to the affect that evangelicals had made heterosexuality into an idol. Continue reading


The Gnosticism of modern Sexuality

“Why is the government planning to ban therapy to help people who want to change their sexual orientation whilst at the same time it is increasingly common place to let people change their gender? That’s one of the questions that’s been posed this week. Continue reading

What’s involved in banning gay conversion therapy?

The government have proposed legislation to “gay conversion therapy.”  MPs have been quick to announce their support for the ban arguing that the practice is outdated and cruel. But what exactly is involved in such a ban.

So what is Conversion Therapy? A range of things seem to be covered under the label certainly based on articles I’ve read and interviews I’ve watched. It seems to include a whole range of possibilities including: Continue reading