Complementarianism – a family perspective

For most of my adult life, one of the most potentially contentious conversations in church life has been the question of men and women in church leadership.  Women have been allowed to preach in the Methodist Church and some other denominations for a long time, they have also served as ministers/pastors in those contexts.  However, it was only in the 1990s that the Church of England allowed women to be ordained into the clergy and very recently indeed that the bar was lifted on women bishops.

Generally speaking the view within independent evangelicalism has remained that eldership and public teaching roles should be restricted to men, though some churches have started to include female elders.  A lot more churches would include female deacons but there are still some who see this role as male only. Continue reading


Lay it on thick

So, in an earlier post, I suggested that the Jordan Peterson-Cathy Newman interview fell short because it didn’t really get to the heart of his world-view and he wasn’t able to take us back to belief in the triune God as the root of all his thinking. Continue reading

When you think you are winning …

So, here’s the thing.  A few people saw this interview Jordan Peterson interview and began highlighting it as a great example of how to do battle with hostile, sceptical people who misunderstand you, sometimes wilfully.

I watched the interview and my reaction was. Continue reading

That Jordan Peterson interview with Cathy Newman again: – Looking For More (updated)

In my earlier article I suggested a little caution before people get excited about clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson on the basis of his interview with Cathy Newman. If we want to know whether this guy is a friend/ally we are going to have to do a little more digging. That’ll mean reading his books – I presume a few people have already.

The interview itself does not give us an ally. Note, I am not talking about whether or not he is a Christian. I note that a few articles suggest that he is. My question is whether the worldview articulated in the interview itself is one we would align with.[1]  Continue reading