The State we are in

We are thinking about the different worldviews and ideologies that underpin different political approaches and how Christians should engage with them.  One important factor to consider is our attitude to the State. Continue reading


Going Public – How we think Biblically about politics elections and public life

During the General Election Campaign, we’re going to include a few articles to do with “Public Theology.”

Public Theology is about how we apply what we believe about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation to public life. This includes questions about Continue reading

And on the other hand…

A couple of days ago, I explained why I wouldn’t be organising an election hustings. I thought that in the interest of balance I would share some of the reasons why other church leaders will do. You see, whilst I’m not convinced it is the right answer, I also appreciate  the motives listed below and think they are good things to promote. I’d just do it differently! Continue reading

Church leaders, We are not here to do the politicians’ job for them

As soon as a General Election is announced, church leaders start asking what they can and should do during the campaign.  There are two reasons for this. One is  a desire to do good for the local community. The other is to help Christians have a voice. Continue reading

Can we talk about sin?

So, the General Election campaign is off and one of the first big questions of the campaign is “Does Tim Farron (Liberal Democrat party leader) think that it is a sin to be gay?”[1] Continue reading

The local church and a General Election

So here we are facing a snap General Election just two years after the last General Election and one year after Brexit. How should a local church respond to an election?  Here are some thoughts Continue reading

Martyn Lloyd Jones -politics, elections and referendums

This article was first published during the #Brexit Referendum. The points below are just as relevant as we head into an early General Election


There are some big political decisions coming up over the next few months.  In the UK voters will be deciding whether or not to stay in the European Union whilst in the US the Republicans and Democrats are still in the process of choosing candidates for the Presidential election later this year.

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