Creation and God’s Revelation

Creation is an act of Revelation. As we saw in “How do I know?” God reveals who he is both through Special Revelation (Scripture, Christ) and General Revelation. Creation gives us General Revelation. Continue reading


Asking God

2 Samuel 2 starts with the statement that David “asked” or “inquired of the Lord.” He was About To make a big strategic move, there would have been a lot of factors to consider including the practicalities of moving, safety, the willingness of his men to move back to Judah at a dangerous point and the politics involved in a statement of intent. However, David’s first concern was to know what God thought. Continue reading

Leadership jottings – Systems thinking and process improvement

A good leader has a “systems” mind.  By systems I don’t necessarily mean “IT.” Rather, every organisation functions as a system with inputs, processes and outputs. A good leader has an eye on the whole system. This enables them to be proactive in spotting and responding to potential problems rather than just fire-fighting. Continue reading

The Beginning of the Story (Genesis 1:1-2:3)

The story of Creation starts right at the beginning of the Bible. The stage is set, the main characters introduced and we begin to read about who God is and what he is doing in time and space.  In Genesis 1, we are told that God creates the world over a 7 day time frame. Continue reading

How do we hear God?

In our recent mini-series on Worship and gifts, we saw that there are 3 key reasons for gathering to worship. These are: To glorify God, to encourage each other and to hear God speak.

So how do we hear God speak?  What can we know about God from the world around us? Is it possible for us to use our reasons to discover the truth about God? Why is the Bible so important? What part do things like prophecy, words of knowledge, dreams and visions have to play in the church today. Continue reading

What stops me hearing God?

At Bearwood Chapel we’ve been thinking a lot about our worship together and discovering and using our gifts recently. This has been the big theme from 1 Corinthians 11-14.  We’ve seen that three things should be happening.

                We should be glorifying God

                We should be encouraging and building each other up

                We should be hearing God speak to us

I want to pick up on that third point here. How do we hear God speak and what can stop us from hearing Him? In earlier articles on faith-roots, we’ve seen that everything God does reveals something of his character. So God speaks through creation, through his acts in history, through personal testimony. We see something of this type of revelation in what are sometimes referred to as words of knowledge and prophetic insights. These things are part of God’s General Revelation. Continue reading