Three reasons for giving

This is the penultimate talk in our believing and belonging series. We have talked about what healthy churches look like, who should belong to a church, the importance of baptism and communion and how we are to use our gifts together in the service of the Gospel. Next week we will be looking at pastoral care and church discipline. Today we are going to talk about giving. Continue reading


Why Give? The Need

Part of our motivation for giving should be a recognition of the need. Paul encourages generous giving by talking first of all about heart attitudes and even the spiritual benefit of the giver.  But the Bible also talks about a recognition of need Continue reading

Why Give? Ten Propositions

In the past I’ve written about the challenges involved in talking about money in British Evangelical circles. This includes

1.       Socially, talk about money is considered off limits

2.       The way that the Prosperity Gospel has poisoned the waters

3.       The danger of legalistic views about tithing.

So I want to say a couple of positive things about money and giving Continue reading

ActBC How can you help?


Over the past few years we’ve been working to encourage Gospel outreach into one of the UK’s needy urban areas. Here in the West Midlands there is a great need for healthy gospel churches particularly in the Black Country, Sandwell and West Birmingham area. Continue reading

Tithes, taxes and the Children of God

Should Christians “Tithe?” This was our starter question at Sunday Night Church yesterday. We talked about how we often associate tithing with prosperity teaching. You may have heard a TV evangelist saying that if you pay your tithe (to him of course) then you will be blessed and if you don’t then you will suffer.

However, we didn’t just want to engage with Prosperity teaching. You see, a lot of Christians will talk about tithing as a requirement not because they want to get rich but because they want to obey God’s Word. We want to consider the strongest form of the argument not the weakest. The strongest form of the argument is that Tithing is a law laid down in the Torah and never rescinded by Jesus. Continue reading