The Gnosticism of modern Sexuality

“Why is the government planning to ban therapy to help people who want to change their sexual orientation whilst at the same time it is increasingly common place to let people change their gender? That’s one of the questions that’s been posed this week. Continue reading


Dave’s early church reading list

Every so often I put together a list of suggested reading around a certain theme. So, here’s ┬ámy list of good reads from the early church. This stuff is worth reading because: Continue reading

Irenaeus and the Gnostics

A few years back, back, the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown became a best seller and block buster film. It had a simple underlying narrative, a powerful church has suppressed dissent and diversity.

In that book and in a lot of contemporary thinking, the Gnostics are the real heroes of church history. They were prototype feminists, a concern for spirituality over dogma etc. Continue reading