On foot washing

In John 13, Jesus shows his love to his disciples by leaving his seat as an honoured guest, taking off his robe, kneeling and washing their feet. Peter is offended, he does not want Jesus washing his feet. Jesus insists Continue reading


Wisdom’s True Identity (Proverbs 8)

Do you like a good riddle? Remember in the Lord of the Rings when Bilbo first meets Gollum. They get into a riddle contest. Each gives the other a clue and they have to work out who or what the other is talking about. Finally, Bilbo stumps Gollum with an accidental riddle “What have I got in my pockets?” Continue reading

What’s red and furry and climbs trees? (avoiding the Sunday School answer)

red squirrel I like to “think out loud” sometimes prior to sermons by sharing some thoughts and questions around the subject. It helps me to think through some questions, gives others a chance to see something of my thinking process and also means that we learn more from each other. So here are some jottings in advance that will hopefully provoke some further thoughts back. Here’s an email I sent out to a few people this week. I thought I’d post it here too and maybe it’ll lead to a few comments back from further afield

This Sunday we get to Proverbs 8 in our Finding Wisdom series

Continue reading

Pay Attention to wisdom (Proverbs 1:20-33)

“I’ve had enough of you!” The preacher bellowed. Then he seemed to completely lose it! He began to single out members of the congregation, getting them to stand up and then denouncing them in front of their friends and family. They were ignorant, foolish, lazy, refused to listen, showed no sign of growth etc.  Continue reading

Are You wise?


In the classic TV series Cold Feet, James Nesbitt’s character Adam would sometimes respond to statements he found incredulous with the retort “Are you wise?“ In other words, “Do you really know what you are saying or doing?” “You seem to lack common sense”

Do you want to be wise? It seems a great thing to wish for doesn’t it? How can you be wise?  Is it wise to be a Christian?  We may think not for a couple of reasons.  Continue reading