Asking God

2 Samuel 2 starts with the statement that David “asked” or “inquired of the Lord.” He was About To make a big strategic move, there would have been a lot of factors to consider including the practicalities of moving, safety, the willingness of his men to move back to Judah at a dangerous point and the politics involved in a statement of intent. However, David’s first concern was to know what God thought. Continue reading


God’s Goodness and Greatness: – Implications for Prayer

Another response to God’s character should be a lively prayer life. In fact, this is part of worship. Prayer is an obvious response to God’s goodness. God is love and so prayer is about a relationship with him, knowing God and knowing that he loves to hear us. We can be confident that a good and loving God will answer. Continue reading

Preaching the Trinity (3rd Sermon) Another Helper

During our Sunday meetings at Bearwood Chapel we found that over a period of time  we kept coming back to some questions that followed a theme: “What stops me?”

“What stops me from seeing God for who He is?”

“What stops me from worshipping?”

“What stops me from truly knowing God?”

“What stops me from trusting and taking God at His Word?”

“What stops me from hearing God speak?”


Well if we are going to know, worship and hear God then there’s someone really vital that we need to talk about, The Holy Spirit. Continue reading