Undivided – Some links on the question of sexuality and same sex attraction (Responding to Vicky Beeching part 3

In response to Vicky Beeching’s book “Undivided: Coming Out, Being Whole and Living free from shame”, here are some resources that I hope will be helpful for anyone trying to work through the question of sexuality, specifically in relation to same-sex attraction.

The subject is controversial because the church and the Bible are standing at odds with the views of wider culture. Christians are regarded as bigoted and intolerant because they insist that marriage is intended to be between one man and one woman. Now, here are some Christians saying that it is possible to reconcile faith in God with our culture.  

It is also emotive. I realise that some readers may have found their way here because you are yourself wrestling with the issue. This is not mere intellectual theory, you don’t want answers so that you can defend a position. You want to know what God has to say to you personally. Can you find love and acceptance by God or is being gay a block to this?

I hope that you will find the following links helpful Continue reading


Undivided: Guilt & Shame or grace & forgiveness and sex & sexuality (Responding to Vicky Beeching part 2)

Two years ago I wrote and spoke quite a bit about the problem of guilt and shame and especially the Guilt Driven Life. This came to my mind when I saw the full title of Vicky Beeching’s book “Undivided: Coming Out, Being Whole and living free from shame.”

Vicky’s book is essentially about trying to escape from shame. Sadly, I believe that she turns in the wrong direction so that the story continues to be one of running and hiding rather than discovering what it means to be clothed in Christ’s righteousness and truly free from guilt and shame. This is because she has experimented with the three dangers that I argued led to guilt/shame driven lives and churches:

–        Legalism

–        Magic/Supersition

–        Licence

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Unfinished Business (2 Samuel 21)

Two weeks ago, we talked about the trials, troubles and temptations of life as relentless. Because of his sin, David faced continuous trouble and trials throughout his life.

–          Because of Adam’s sin, we live in a world where, sin, temptation, trials, trouble and death are ever present.

–          Because of our own sin, we often face the ongoing consequences in relationships, ministry etc.

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A Tragic Victory (2 Samuel 18)

Absalom should not have died that day. It was unjust, avoidable, a tragedy. I’ve mentioned a few times recently the difference between comedy and tragedy. Comedy ends in victory, joy and celebration. The protagonist is better off at the end than at the start. Tragedy ends in disaster for the central characters. Continue reading

Offence and being offended (part 5) When offence masks other emotional responses

Here’s the next challenge to consider when thinking about the “being offended”(or subjective response) side of  offence.   Continue reading

Welcome to the Mess: “My hands are dirty” … “He doesn’t mind”

Glen Scrivener has put together a beautiful little set of short films imagining the scene where a time portal opens between a 21st century British home and Bethlehem on the first Christmas night.

In the story so far,Will and Claire have gone to stay with Claire’s parents for Christmas. It’s not been an easy time for Will the awkward boyfriend but he has been the first to “meet the Nativity~” whilst the rest of the family head off to the midnight service.  On Christmas Day , he shows Claire too. Continue reading

#HomeForChristmas – No Room?

I was at the airport in good time, ready for the long-haul flight to Hong Kong.  There was just one snag. I got to the front of the queue only to be told “You’re not on this flight.”  That was strange because I had my ticket ready and everything. But you see, the airline had over-booked the flight.  So I had to wait around to see if there was a spare seat if someone didn’t show up. Continue reading