When People Leaving Is Good

I love growth. I’m excited and encouraged when new people join our church. I am even more excited when they stay. I find it hard to say goodbye or to let go. When you have a small congregation (and the structure of what we have done in Bearwood means that we have a cluster of small congregations) it is painful and maybe discouraging when people leave. It can even be frightening. We don’t have a guaranteed steady pipeline of new people coming to fill the gaps.

Yet, there are sometimes good reasons why people leave. I’ve hinted and mentioned these in previous posts. Recently, I did some analysis about why/how people come and join us but I also included some analysis on why people leave.

Here are three good reasons for people to leave: Continue reading


What Kind of Church? -A Fire proof Church

The city I grew up in was full of old Victorian Mills. These were impressive buildings but they were also very vulnerable.  Every night, one of them would go up in flames. They were highly flammable so it wouldn’t take long for the fire to take hold.  By the morning there would be little left of a once impressive structure.

How do you know that your faith is built to last? How do you know that you will keep going through the tests and trials of life?  How do you know that you really will be raised with Christ to new life and have assurance of eternal salvation? Continue reading

Dave’s Leadership Reading List

Every so often I try to put together a little list of helpful reading. Here are some suggestions relating to leadership.

On church leadership I’d encourage you to start with reading that helps you think careful about what the church is about and what it means to be involved in leading a church. By the way, I’d encourage all those involved in church leadership to be reading and thinking about these sorts of things, not just pastors and elders. Continue reading