Are you on the same field of play?

Mike Ovey used to draw a triangle on the whiteboard, he would label each side as follows:  No denial of unity, no denial of distinction, no denial of unity. Stray over any of the lines and you are outside of the “field of play” when you come to the Trinitarian orthodoxy.

David Peterson used to do something similar when it came to  the question of male amd female leadership roles to take account of those passages that talk in terms of male elders and women not exercising teaching authority over men (1 Tim 2-3) and those that clearly show women speaking and being involved in leadership (1 Cor 11, Romans 16).  He explained that within the boundaries is the field of play, space for discussion and learning from one another.  Continue reading


Why theology matters

Why does training people for urban ministry matter?

Why bother joining our #TrainBC programme and studying for Union’s GDip?

Why get involved in talking about theology?

A lot of people who are keen to share the Gospel and see urban churches planted are just desperate to get on with the job. Theology is seen as complicated and a distraction from knowing and preaching Christ.

To start to answer those questions I want to ask one more: Continue reading

The Father and the Son – what are some of the challenges

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on  “Does the Son submit to the Father?” I thought it might be worth highlighting some of the challenges, including minefields to navigate when conversations/questions like this come up. Continue reading

Guarding against cults and false teaching – know what baptism is

When churches go wrong and turn into cults, one of the ways they do this is to put mystical qualities into baptism and specifically into the baptism that they and they only offer. This means that it is only if you are baptised by them that you can receive the full benefits. Continue reading

Guarding The Flock: Ten ways that error can creep into the Church

Elders have a dual responsibility. There is the positive duty to feed the sheep by teaching God’s Word. This can often feel like the easy and enjoyable part. In fact often those who are called into leadership are recognised because of their ability to communicate effectively. However, the second responsibility is just as important. This is the requirement to guard the flock, confronting false teaching and protecting the church against error.  Continue reading

What’s red and furry and climbs trees? (avoiding the Sunday School answer)

red squirrel I like to “think out loud” sometimes prior to sermons by sharing some thoughts and questions around the subject. It helps me to think through some questions, gives others a chance to see something of my thinking process and also means that we learn more from each other. So here are some jottings in advance that will hopefully provoke some further thoughts back. Here’s an email I sent out to a few people this week. I thought I’d post it here too and maybe it’ll lead to a few comments back from further afield

This Sunday we get to Proverbs 8 in our Finding Wisdom series

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