The Prime Minister’s cough and historical reliability

So what exactly happened on Wednesday lunch time? The bare facts are

– The Prime Minister made a speech

– A comedian interrupted with a fake P45 claiming it was from Boris Johnson

– The PM struggled with a severe coughing fit

– She was given  cough sweet by the Chancellor

– Some letters from the slogan fell off the wall. Continue reading


Can I trust the Bible? Joseph in Egypt (Case Study 4)



Towards the end of the book of Genesis we’re told about the 12 sons of Jacob. Joseph, the second youngest son is sold by his brothers into slavery in Egypt. There, God enables him to interpret dreams and rise to the role of Grand Vizier or Prime Minister.   Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? Israel’s early History -Exodus and Kings (Case Study 3)

One of the definitive events in Biblical history and theology is the Exodus from Egypt, Israel’s entry into the Promised Land and the eventual foundation of the Kingdom.  Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? – The Gospels and AD 70 (Case Study 2)

One of the key arguments in favour of trusting the Bible, particularly the Gospels is that we are dealing with eye witness accounts and generally speaking, historians give significant weight to eye-witness reports. Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? – Daniel (Case Study 1)

We are asking the question “Can I trust the Bible – or is it just a load of made up stories?” In the first article we said that what the Bible says is consistent with the World around us, including history. So over the next few days we are going to pick up some examples from the Bible and see why we can rely on them to be trustworthy and true.  These will include another  look at Jesus’ prediction of Jerusalem’s destruction, Joseph in Egypt and The story of the Exodus. Today we start with the book of Daniel, one of the prophetic books in the Old Testament. Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? Isn’t it just a load of made up stories?

Can I trust what I’m reading?  It’s an important question -especially if you are reading out the winner of the Oscar for best film! Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? – Some suggested reading

This Sunday, we are going to be exploring the question “Can I trust the Bible -Isn’t it just a load of made up stories.

During the talk, we’ll give people the opportunity to feed in their own supplementary questions. I’ll give a short response to any questions during the Q&A part after the talk and as with our last “Big Question” we’ll try and include some written answers on too. Continue reading