On foot washing

In John 13, Jesus shows his love to his disciples by leaving his seat as an honoured guest, taking off his robe, kneeling and washing their feet. Peter is offended, he does not want Jesus washing his feet. Jesus insists Continue reading


How humility helps in the workplace

This means being completely counter-cultural.  The world tells me that I always need to be fighting for position and attention. I should be careful about admitting my weaknesses and make sure my CV portrays me in the most positive light possible.  If I do something well, I should make sure it gets recognised, not only will that help me with a financial bonus now but it will give me the chance of promotion in the future. Continue reading

The Humble Church – taking a burden off our shoulders

  1. Local churches have to take risks. Sometimes we try something and it goes well, sometimes it fails spectacularly. Sometimes after trying something for a period of time we have to sop. Sometimes an idea never gets off the ground. We may propose it, agree at a church meeting and then later on have to admit it isn’t possible. Continue reading

What Kind of Church? – A humble Church (1 Corinthians 1:18-31)

How the mighty are fallen.  Those rich and powerful Premier League football teams have been outmanoeuvred and outplayed. Who’d have thought that a team costing just £50 million – the sort of money the big boys pay for one player these days could win the title.  Well done, Leicester City. It’s almost as good as a humble League 2 team that cost £7,500 getting to the League Cup final! Continue reading