How much are you worth?

How much am I worth?  One person added up the values of the different chemicals in the human body -a bit of phosphorous, a bit of calcium, a bit of oxygen etc.  It came out at $1. The tried to bump up things a bit, maybe you could sell your skin separately to be used as paper or tent making material.  That came out at about $3.50.  Continue reading


Justice Starts with God

During the panel discussion on Justice,[1] Don Carson asks

“What are the biblical texts and theological themes that should most control our thinking about justice and righteousness issues in our lives, in the church, in the time and place in the world where God has placed us?”[2]

Tim Keller, Voddie Baucham and Thabite Anyabwile all start with The imago Dei, that is, the Bible’s teaching that we are made in God’s image. Keller notes that this means that God holds us responsible for taking life, that we “should not speak abusively” of others and that “God even holds animals responsible for killing a human being.”[3]

Then Anyabwile and John Piper take it up a level and say something absolutely vital to our understanding of justice. Anyabwile says Continue reading