Leadership lessons from #GE2017

I promised some practical lessons for leaders from the General Election. This is because whatever we think about the specific political qualities of different candidates and parties, there’s a lot we can learn about leadership both from what they do well and what they do badly. Continue reading


Going Public – How we think Biblically about politics elections and public life

During the General Election Campaign, we’re going to include a few articles to do with “Public Theology.”

Public Theology is about how we apply what we believe about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation to public life. This includes questions about Continue reading

Is it ever okay not to vote?

Liwhitehouse_historypgke many others,  I was brought up with a strong sense of my civic duty. When I turned 18 and was able to vote for the first time, it was exciting. However, I wonder whether our civic duty does always require us to vote?[1]

What do we do when we feel that we are struggling to choose between two options not because they seem equally good but because they seem equally bad?  The question is pertinent in a year full of elections.  Here in the UK, we’ve had the EU Referendum and leadership elections across different political parties culminating with the Labour Party making a choice between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith.  There’s still the possibility of another Scottish Independence referendum and even an early General Election. Continue reading