What Stops me? Obstacles in the search for Eternal Life

Some people ask Jesus about divorce and re-marriage.  Jesus tells them that marriage is permanent unless there has been sexual immortality.  Jesus denies a man permission to leave his wife if he finds fault with her. The disciples are shocked. They say Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? – The Gospels and AD 70 (Case Study 2)

One of the key arguments in favour of trusting the Bible, particularly the Gospels is that we are dealing with eye witness accounts and generally speaking, historians give significant weight to eye-witness reports. Continue reading

Can I trust the Bible? Isn’t it just a load of made up stories?

Can I trust what I’m reading?  It’s an important question -especially if you are reading out the winner of the Oscar for best film! Continue reading

How God shows up in Jesus

“If God exists, why doesn’t he show up and prove it?”

I’ve mentioned a few times how helpful I’ve found Paul Williams and Barry Cooper’s approach to answering difficult questions helpful.[1] So often when we engage in apologetics we find ourselves wanting to take the person to Jesus and the Cross but find ourselves side tracked by complex apologetics. So I found it liberating when at a training session on evangelism, Paul Williams said “Why not do, that? Why not take them straight to Jesus?”  Continue reading

#TheDifference King Jesus makes

This is a bit out of sync as this is Hannes’ talk from Palm Sunday -but here it is to enjoy


We all have a desire deep down inside for someone or something to lead us. But at the same time we can be suspicious when someone has too much power or influence. What does that mean for our relationship with God? We might be comfortable with “gentle Jesus meek and mild”. But how about Jesus, our Lord and King? I would like to suggest to you that seeing Jesus as king has immense implications for our life. Continue reading

Wisdom’s True Identity (Proverbs 8)

Do you like a good riddle? Remember in the Lord of the Rings when Bilbo first meets Gollum. They get into a riddle contest. Each gives the other a clue and they have to work out who or what the other is talking about. Finally, Bilbo stumps Gollum with an accidental riddle “What have I got in my pockets?” Continue reading

Did Jesus design the Church?

I’m just fleshing out some thoughts made in two quick twitter responses to an observation made by another twitter user (I feel the question is worth more than 280 characters). The other person had been invited to a conference called “The church as Jesus designed it.” And their response …”I’m not the best Bible scholar but I’m pretty sure he never did that.”[1] Continue reading