When did God last disagree with you?

It’s the challenge that I often raise with people when I’m preaching. If God is real and his word is true then are you ready for him to disagree with you. It was the challenge that Mike Ovey left us with as students and it has stuck with me. If this is true, then it must be a question not just for church members and students but for preachers, pastors and the most Phd’d up scholars you can find. Continue reading


Music, culture and urban church

This week a couple of rappers have caught my attention.  First there was this by Flame drawn to our attention after a Learning Community discussion on contextualisation.  Then there was John Piper’s comments on Lacrae which we picked up on here.

I want to just pick up on one or two (not completely connected) thoughts that struck me. Continue reading

Adore (2) Isn’t it selfish for God to demand our worship?

“But if God demands that we love and worship him doesn’t that make him selfish and self-centred?  I don’t want to worship a God that needs and demands my worship” Continue reading

God’s Goodness and Greatness – Implications for Worship

Our first response to God’s goodness and greatness is worship. In fact, Calvin says that our first priority in life is to seek to be worshippers: Continue reading

Future Grace

I’ve mentioned “Future Grace” a few times on Faithroots and in my preaching this year. So I thought it might be helpful to explain a little about what I mean by this wonderful phrase.  The phrase and the explanation behind it belong to John Piper and if you want to read further then pick up his book “The purifying Power of living by Faith in Future Grace.”[1] Continue reading