Why did Jesus rise from the dead?

A week ago, we raised two important questions:

–          Why did Jesus die?

–          Why did Jesus rise?

When we looked at the first question, we saw that it was important for Christians because we want to follow Jesus and there are two challenges along the way

–          The temptation to sin

–          The threat of false teaching

We are now going to look in more detail at the second question “Why Did Jesus rise” and we are going to see what it says about how we deal with sin. Continue reading

What Mike Ovey taught me

This weekend, we heard that Mike Ovey, Principal at Oak Hill College, had died suddenly aged 58.  The news was sad and a shock.  Mike is going to be greatly missed, though we are encouraged by the reminder on the Oak Hill website “that for Mike, death is not an end but a glorious beginning”[1] because he is now with the Lord. Continue reading

Calvin without Hobbs


In 1517 Johann Tetzel,  a travelling preacher and ambassador of the Pope travelled through Germany with another catchy little tune.

“As soon as a coin in the coffer rings / the soul from purgatory springs” Continue reading

It’s Personal

Jesus tells the story of a King who throws a wedding banquet for his son. He invites lots of guests but at the last minute they refuse to come. He invites new guests who come but one turns up not wearing wedding clothes. [1]

Those who didn’t turn up and the one who came improperly dressed seemed to know what they were doing. It was a calculated insult and a show of strength as they rebelled against the King and dishonoured his son. Continue reading

Do I belong? (Romans 4:1-12)

Do I belong?[1]  This is a really important question.  It’s one we hear children ask, whenever they get frustrated, perhaps when justifiably chastised and shout out “this isn’t my real family.”  It’s a question that maybe some of us found ourselves asking when we moved to a new town or even country.  “Will I ever fit in here?  Will I make friends?  Will I fit in with the culture?”  Perhaps we’ve found ourselves asking the question about church.  “Can I belong?” Continue reading