Male and Female He created them (3)

So here is an attempt to list some of the characteristics and responsibilities of women described in the Bible. Some of these are shared with men  to whilst some are distinct which I think reflects the Genesis 2 sense of “like/opposite to” Get in touch if you would like to add to the list or comment on any of the suggestions here. Continue reading


Male and Female he Created them (2) Gender, roles and church continued

So, here is the next stage of my thinking out loud.

My gender isn’t something I can chop and change. Who I am in terms of role is firmly tied to who I am physically. I am male. Continue reading

Male and Female He created them

“Why are all the elders in your church male?” This is a question that you will get if you are complementarian.  I have written on what I believe the Bible teaches on male and female relationships in the home and in the church in two e-books available from our publications page: Continue reading