Night and Day – Special Revelation, Spiritual Gifts and Revelation

I am not a cessationist. This means I believe that the types of spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12 are available to the church today.  However, we often have a problem about what to do with gifts like prophecy, visions and dreams.  These are revelatory gifts but we believe that Scripture is God’s full and sufficient revelation. Continue reading


The Art of Meditation

One of our elders prayed on Sunday night that people would be able to anchor their lives in reality. How do we do that in a world of fake news? How do we do that in church when it is so tempting to suspect and think the worst of others? How do we do that in the storms and chaos of life? How do we do that in the face of the devil’s lies?

We consistently talk on about the importance of replacing lies with truth. The simplest way of doing that is found in Psalm 1:2 which says of the righteous or blessed person that

Their delight is in the Law of the Lord, they mediate on it day and night.

We replace lies with truth when we meditate on God’s Word. What does it mean to meditate? Biblical meditation is not about emptying your mind and thinking about nothing. It is about choosing to focus on the truth of Scripture.

Here are some practical ways of doing this. Continue reading

Lent Serving suggestions

Did you have pancakes last Tuesday (9th February)?  Pancake Tuesday is a big British tradition.  It marks the start of something called “Lent.” The period running up to Easter.  Lent was a period of fasting in the traditional church calendar. Some people still like to follow a calendar of fasting followed by feast days (Advent leading to Christmas functions in the same way) and find it helpful. That’s great so long as it does not become something legalistic or ritualistic.

However, for many of us, Lent, if it means something at all is about giving up something such as chocolate, a favourite activity, spending on luxuries etc.  The problem then is that it becomes either: Continue reading