#ActBC Trainee opportunities

We have opportunities for people to train with us in urban mission and church planting.  We are looking for individuals and couples who believe that they have a calling to share the good news about Jesus in our urban communities with a particular focus on estate and inner city ministry. Continue reading


Why should you train with us?

Are you considering training for Christian ministry? If so, why not consider coming and joining us as an ActBC trainee for a couple of years.  This is a fantastic opportunity to gain hands on experience of ministry in an urban setting whilst also receiving high quality theological training.

Who is it for?

ActBC is all about encouraging urban mission. We have a particular desire to see church planting and revitalisation in the urban West Midlands, especially in West Birmingham, Sandwell and the Black Country. So, this is a great opportunity for someone who is considering a call to urban church planting. Continue reading

Training Starts At Home

There are a number of different ways of gaining training and experience in church  ministry. For some this may include spending time at Theological College but actually, the main foundations for ministry training start in the home church and there’s a lot that even a moderate sized church can do. Continue reading

Where do you learn that?

Where do you learn that?

Where do you learn how to teach people about God’s Word? Where do you get trained to preach? Where do you learn how to pastorally care for people? How do you find out how to answer those difficult apologetic questions? Continue reading