Going Long (Part 2 – Theological Training for urban planters)

In our previous post, I mentioned the MTh programme as a way of “going long” in training for ministry.   Here’s another perspective.

We can assume that if someone doesn’t go to seminary and study full time for 3-4 years then the alternative is that at best they do either something like a Ministry Training Course, 1 day or week for 2 years or possible something like the part time GDip via a Union Learning Community or some form of distance learning programme. That is a wrong assumption Continue reading


Theological Training is not a mere hobby

Why am I passionate about what we are trying to do with the TrainBC bit of ActBC? Why am I excited about what we are doing with Union in developing a Learning Community in the Urban West Midlands? Why am I not yet satisfied that we are there yet?

The answer is within the phrase “the TrainBC bit of ActBC.” I’m passionate about training for Gospel ministry because it serves the purpose of Gospel ministry. We didn’t just get involved in training as a hobby. To be sure, I enjoy training and mentoring people but it’s not just for the intellectual pleasure. Continue reading

Training for Ministry – The place of Theological College/Seminary

You’ll have picked up from recent posts that I think that:

          The primary responsibility and context for ministry training lies with the local church

          That, if we are to see Gospel ministry multiplying then we need to find ways of training and equipping people who may not be able to or maybe even should not go away for campus based theological training.

However, just to be clear, this does not mean that I am against Theological Colleges. It’s just that: Continue reading