People like me

I wrote in an earlier article about how the decision to pursue a perceived elite to enable trickle down evangelism was such a massive wrong turn in the 20th century. It’s not that elitism is the only problem, rather, it is an example of a dangerous attitude and is indeed exemplary of the way that attitude works. Continue reading


Inside the Camp? Evangelical Tribalism and multi-cultural church

I want to talk a little about a couple of words and phrases I’ve heard over the years in connection with conservative evangelicalism. We slip into talking about ” our tribe” or “our camp” and then we talk about those who are “outside the camp.” Continue reading

A movement for change

In the last couple of articles I’ve been writing about issues to do with race (and a little about class) that we need to respond to if we are to see multi-cultural churches reaching multi-cultural communities.

Of course, it is easy to identify problems but how does change happen? We say that “The Church” or even “The Conservative Evangelical constituency” need to change.  Agreed, but what does that look like in practice? Continue reading

Where are the non-white leaders?

Quite a few UK Christians have been praying and talking about a desire to see our churches reaching across cultures and becoming multi-cultural reflecting the many different ethnicities in their communities.

There are two motivating factors. First of all a recognition that church divided on racial lines is not a good witness to the Gospel which means we are all one in Christ Jesus and the future hope we have of people from every tribe and tongue gathered around the throne. Secondly it’s motivated by a desire to see unreached communities hear and respond to the Gospel.  Continue reading

Is Immigration a problem?

The Northern Men’s Convention is getting into some hot water on twitter. This year’s convention is headed “Men Standing alone: Holding the Word of God in the Worst of Times.”  There are a couple of things making it unpopular. One is its description of the “Gay rights lobby…” I suspect that anything we say that shows a commitment to the Bible’s teaching on marriage” is going to cause offence.

However, this sentence has also been picked up upon.

“Add to this scenario the increasing problems associated with immigration, and Islam in particular and indeed many other things which push Christians further and further to the margin.” Continue reading

What does urban mission and ministry actually mean?

What do we mean when we talk about urban ministry?  When we talk about an “Urban area” at its simplest, we are distinguishing between urban and rural -between built up, heavily populated areas, towns, cities, conurbations and less densely populated areas, villages, hamlets etc. There is of course the “suburban” category used to identify outlying, reasonably prosperous suburbs of towns and cities. Continue reading

Multi-cultural Church – The Challenge of Racism

A Little while back I had some correspondence with @Litabny about how we plant and pastor churches in urban, multicultural areas. I posted some of the correspondence here.

In the follow up conversation, we talked about how racism can be a barrier to achieving that.  Here are some of my jotted comments: Continue reading