Remembering – Anchoring your life in the glory of the Gospel (Jude 16 – 19)

My friend was walking home with his son after church. The little boy said “Daddy, adults are very silly.”  His dad said “Yes we are son but why exactly…” His son said “Well when you eat the bread and drink the wine, the pastor says you have to do it so you will remember that Jesus died for you … but how can you forget something so important?”

That little boy’s comments got us thinking about what we mean by “remembering.” It’s very important to what we are talking about tonight. You see, we are going to be told to remember something.

Remembering isn’t just about what we keep in our minds intellectually. It’s about living our lives each day as though the truth we remember is as real and as fresh and as new as it was the first day we knew it.

These past few weeks we have been learning about the problem of apostacy -how people fall away from the Gospel, how people can be led astray by false teachers. How are we to guard against that? The answer is that we are to remember God’s Word. It means relying on God’s Word completely in the sense I talked about just a moment ago. We live by God’s Word as though it is as fresh and as new today as the first day we heard it. Continue reading


To the Glory of God (Jude:8-10).

This is a talk by Joe Sturman given at our Nueva Vida Congregation. We will also publish a version at in Spanish shortly:

How do you know if you can trust a church or a church leader? What does the word glory mean? Glory is to describe someone or something as amazing, as worthy of praise and respect and honour. Continue reading

Show me the way to go home (John 14:1-14) #HomeFor Christmas

Sermon notes from Nueva Vida (Saturday)


Worried that your faith will fail?

–          Persecution

–          Life’s difficulties (work, family, health)

–          Imperfect church

Context – Last Supper. Jesus is going to his death and his disciples are about to fail badly


What will keep your faith going? Continue reading

Why do you follow Jesus? (John 12:12-19)

Why do we come to church?


–          Escapism, get away from the terrible things in the world and the hardness of life

–          Tradition

–          A social exercise

The reason will affect/shape how we go out into daily life – does what we do here relate to work/family/community? Continue reading

The disciplined life

Being a Christian – is good when everything is going well. I’m getting on at work, family are happy, health is good, everyone is enjoying church. We often call this “blessing”

But what about when things are not going well. Or what about when the preacher says things I don’t want to hear?  What if they even tell me I’m in the wrong and I need to change course. How do I feel about that?  We probably don’t call it “blessing.”

Today, we are talking about discipline.  What does it mean to be disciplined as a Christian? Continue reading

Wives and Husbands (Ephesians 5)

How do you spot a Spirit filled Christian? Maybe you look for that radiant glow. It’s like they float into the room and their face shines. Maybe, it’s all about their gifts. Can they speak in tongues, heal, prophesy?  Maybe it’s whether others recognise them and give them a title like pastor, prophet, missionary … Continue reading