Going Long (part 1)

I started out at Oak Hill studying for a BA in Theology and Pastoral studies back in 2006. Whilst I was there people like Mike Ovey, Chris Green and Dan Strange persuaded me and others to extend my studies into and complete an MTh (Master of Theology).

I’m glad they did. As I’ve mentioned before, there are huge benefits to “going long” in your training for ministry. Just as theological training is not a hobby to enjoy for personal benefit, nor is it a necessary evil to get out of the way so we can get on with the real stuff.

There are two good reasons for this and both are deeply theological. Continue reading


Why give time to training others?

Since I came to Bearwood Chapel 7 years ago, I’ve committed about one day a week to training others. This has included

-Working with OM teams offering mentoring and on the job training as they’ve learnt about how to do evangelism in an urban setting as well as leading seminars and Bible studies

-Mentoring a Ministry Trainee as he prepared for next steps via Theological College

– Running Faithroots Live sessions for interested parties and particularly giving time to support a church planter who is working with us.

From September, I will be giving one day each week to mentoring our Union Learning Community.

Why do I think it is important to set time aside for training others for Gospel ministry?  It does require discipline to carve time out in my diary. However, I strongly believe that it is worth it. Why? Continue reading

What Mike Ovey taught me

This weekend, we heard that Mike Ovey, Principal at Oak Hill College, had died suddenly aged 58.  The news was sad and a shock.  Mike is going to be greatly missed, though we are encouraged by the reminder on the Oak Hill website “that for Mike, death is not an end but a glorious beginning”[1] because he is now with the Lord. Continue reading