Did they believe?

One of the hardest situations is when an elderly relative dies and we don’t know if they put their trust in the Lord. A question came up at our youth version of #FirstLook this week. Here’s some quick thoughts. Continue reading


A King’s Feast (Matthew 14:13-21)

Is the local church able to meet the needs of the local community around us? Continue reading

Bearwood Chapel Review of 2016


2016bearwood chapel has come to an end. It’s been another busy and eventful year in the life of Bearwood Chapel. Here are some of the highlights and challenges that we’ve seen through the year. Continue reading

Bearwood Chapel Review of 2015

bearwood chapel

The end of a year gives us opportunity to look back and reflect on at what has been happening in church life.

At Bearwood Chapel, there’s much to give thanks to God for including baptisms, new congregations, outreach events, opening the community café etc. There’s also much to challenge us. We’ve seen some people not settle and move on, We also know that we are still only scratching the surface in terms of Gospel impact into our communities. Continue reading