“The Word Became Flesh”Faithroots Live 19th May

Our next Faithroots Live Day is on the 19th May. This time we will be exploring the following wonderful themes:

          Why I can call God “Father”

          Who is Jesus – his divine identity

          Why did God the Son come to earth?

          How can I know that God really is Love? Continue reading


“I’ve become a Christian but my partner is still an unbeliever -should I leave them?”

Question -someone becomes a Christian. They are living with or involved in a sexual relationship with their boyfriend/girlfriend. The boyfriend or girlfriend is not a Christian and shows no interest in becoming a Christian.

How do we respond?


–          There is a relationship/friendship. Do we want to be the cause of it breaking? How does that affect witness etc?

–          It is messy because we do not have the clarity of marriage.

–          What affect will the ongoing relationship have implications of being unequally yoked.

–          Most importantly -we want to glorify God and give Biblical advice not just our own opinions. Continue reading

Preach carefully – looking after victims in church

I’ve been writing a few articles in response to a challenge raised on twitter about whether churches were safe places to refer abuse victims. Continue reading

Jordan Peterson “We often get the question wrong”

You can watch a video of a panel discussion with Rebecca Goldstein, Jordan Peterson and William Lane Craig on “Does Life have meaning?” here. The whole video is worth watching.

I just want to highlight here on a fantastically telling quote from Jordan Peterson here:[1] Continue reading

Pastoral Counselling and the Biblical Counselling Movement

Our Union Learning Community today included a session on pastoral counselling. This led to some discussion about the Biblical Counselling Movement, it’s history and different approaches to counselling. Here are some quick jotted notes on the subject. Continue reading

The important link between pastoral care and church discipline

We’ve been working through a teaching series called “Believing and Belonging” at Bearwood Chapel.  It’s based on some studies we put together for potential new church members. We’ve looked at questions including “What is a healthy church?” and “Who should be a member of a church?” We’ve also talked about leadership, baptism, communion, gifts and giving. The last talk is all about “Church Discipline.” In fact, going back to the original studies it is about pastoral care and church discipline.

This is important because, church discipline gets a bad press at times. We don’t like the word “discipline” it sounds harsh and authoritarian, Yet, discipline is a very Biblical concept. Continue reading

Causing and taking offence (part 4)

I have spent the first few posts focusing on the objective dimension of offence. This is not because there isn’t a subjective component to it or because this does not matter but because our society wants to deny and/or ignore the objective dynamic and so it ends up with very muddled thinking. Continue reading