We will remember them

I’ve found that as you get older your tastes and preferences change. One thing for me has been the festivals and seasons that I prioritise and that move me.  As a child it was very much all about Christmas.  Now I find that the two marker points through the year are increasingly are Easter weekend (including our Good Friday breakfast and communion) and Remembrance Day/Remembrance Sunday. Continue reading


Peace with God (Luke 2)

How do you normally get peace? How is conflict resolved.  When there is war, I would suggest that there are three main ways. Continue reading

Peace of Mind (Psalm 42)

I love Chinese takeaway. There’s only one problem. It tends to lead to a raging thirst.  That’s okay when water is readily available but what if it isn’t, or what if you pick up a drink and it fails to quench your thirst. Have you ever been that thirsty? Continue reading

Why does God permit and even command war?

Back on Sunday I preached on the question “Will war ever cease?” Now a reasonable follow up question is “Why is there war in the first place?”  So on Sunday and in the earlier post, we focused on the “When” question and then onto the “What” and the “How” of living in a world of war. However, we didn’t really touch on the why? Continue reading

Will war ever cease?

The First World War was meant to be the war to end all wars. The world was shocked by the extent of cruelty and suffering experienced.  Organisations like The League of Nations and later the UN were meant to bring war to an end. Sadly history tells us that human efforts to bring World peace end in failure. Continue reading

Peace in a beastly world

When we started to talk about peace, we set the problem in the context of messy life in a messy world. We talked about pain, trouble, uncertainty and chaos. One of our talks in the series will be all about global peace. The question is “Will wars ever cease.” Continue reading