Planning a Preaching Series

Today at our Union Learning Community, we talked about how we would prepare to preach a series on the book of Revelation.  Here’s a list of things the group agreed we would consider as we planned the series. I thought the list was worth sharing as it is relevant to planning any book series. Thanks to the group as this was a team effort! Continue reading


Planning, Integrity and true Purity (Proverbs 16)

Anyone been for a health check-up recently?  Eyes, teeth, heart … maybe the full MOT.  How did you get on?

Have you ever done one of those life check-ups? How’s your overall well-being? This isn’t just your physical health but how are you doing emotionally, is your life a success, what’s your status -financial prosperity etc?

One of the things that God’s Word does for us as we gather each Sunday is it provides a life check-up. Earlier this year we did a “whole church health-check when we looked at Revelation 2-3. This one is a bit more about each of us as individuals. So how are we doing against the following markers of a “healthy life.” Continue reading