Church Planting Maths

One of the great encouragements of Gospel work in the West Midlands has been the 2020 Birmingham partnership.  2020 Birmingham set out in 2010 with the aim of planting 20 churches by 2020. As a church with a small building but a large heart to reach the community around us, we’ve found the advice, support and encouragement of our 2020 partners a big help. Continue reading

Mission is not the enemy of pastoral care

It’s one of the perennial challenges for church leaders. Do we focus outwardly on mission or inwardly on pastoral-care.  At times, it can feel like these two things are in competition. If our focus is always on outreach, then people in the church will go uncared for, unvisited, unsupported.  Of course, if we don’t do mission, then will we see any new people? Does that local church have a future? Continue reading

Church planting in the DNA

There’s  a lot of talk about church planting among Evangelical churches at the moment and what it means to be church planting churches that have church planting in the DNA. Some people are very passionate and excited about it. However,  for others talk about planting can be quite scary. It feels like something your church isn’t yet ready to do, it feels like something that will drain away energy, resources and key people. Others get uneasy, bored even.  Isn’t this just the latest fad. Continue reading

Thoughts on life in a church without students

Chris Green has helpfully written about what it means to lead churches in non-student settings. He notes that many church leaders became Christians at University or were  discipled there and the risk then is that we can end up trying to replicate student/graduate church models into other churches. He lists a whole set of reasons why this doesn’t work and the challenges of this. Continue reading

Why you should Plant with us

The Black Country needs church planters.

Every so often  I put a little appeal out here. It’s for people to consider getting involved in church planting. I’m a big supporter of church planting in general, where ever there is a need. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is pretty much always a need. Even if every existing churches in our area  was preaching the Gospel and full, there would still be lots of people who would need to hear the Gospel. However, I particularly want to encourage you to consider church planting in three Sandwell, Black Country and West Birmingham area. Continue reading

#PlantBC the story so far

In 2012, we started The 930 Service at Bearwood Chapel. We did this because we wanted to give space for more people to come and hear the Gospel. At the time, we said that this wasn’t about a necessary one off split with a service repeated. Rather this was about multiplying Gospel centred gatherings. This meant that we were willing to repeat this again  by adding other congregations at the Chapel. In effect we were saying that we were willing to meet people and gather for prayer, Bible teaching and worship where and when they were able to. Continue reading