#ActBC Trainee opportunities

We have opportunities for people to train with us in urban mission and church planting.  We are looking for individuals and couples who believe that they have a calling to share the good news about Jesus in our urban communities with a particular focus on estate and inner city ministry. Continue reading


Come and Train with us – ActBC Trainees

Hannes being commissioned for return to Austria

We are offering training opportunities to people who are seriously investigating a calling to urban mission – i.e. Church Planting and/or church revitalisation in inner city and estate contexts. Our own immediate concern is to encourage church planting and revitalisation in the urban West Midlands (especially, Sandwell, West Birmingham and the Black Country). However, we also would love to see people going on to pastoral ministry in other contexts (we have already see one trainee, Hannes return to Austria as an associate pastor).

Training with us will include:

Training in Theology, Pastoral Counselling and Bible teaching. This will be through: Continue reading

Wanted: Urban Pioneer Church Planters

Sandwell and the Black Country need church planters. We need people to move into estates and into communities where there is no meaningful Gospel witness and to share their faith.

Just to be clear, we are not looking for pastors to come and look after new, ready made churches with 30 – 50 members. We are not even looking for team leaders to take charge of a core group ready to start the plant. Continue reading

Getting Past the Urban Mission Impasse (Part 4) A wider vision for a local church

Bearwood is a fascinating place. It used to be at the hub of the West Midlands bus network and to some extent still is psychologically. It’s right at the centre of the West Midlands conurbation, it’s a meeting point for class, severe deprivation & relative prosperity, ethnicity and culture. Continue reading

Getting Past the Urban Mission Impasse (Part 3): Sending Workers into the Harvest Field

Please bear with me as I get a little bit repetitive about this one.  How did the first churches get started all around the Mediterranean?  How did churches start in India, China and across Africa? Well, if you go to Acts, you could argue that some of the church planting happened as Christians moved out from Jerusalem and scattered across Judea and Samaria.  Maybe that gets a little bit close to our model of sending groups of people out to plant churches in the areas they move into. Continue reading