Asking God

2 Samuel 2 starts with the statement that David “asked” or “inquired of the Lord.” He was About To make a big strategic move, there would have been a lot of factors to consider including the practicalities of moving, safety, the willingness of his men to move back to Judah at a dangerous point and the politics involved in a statement of intent. However, David’s first concern was to know what God thought. Continue reading


#Prayfor… – How do we pray in response to terror and tragedy?

It has become common over the past few years to see a #Prayfor hashtag on social media straight after tragedies and terror attacks. For some, the hashtag is just another way of expressing grief, outrage and sympathy but for many there will be a real desire to pray. We have responded to the recent attacks in London and Manchester as well as the Paris attacks to pray for those cities. We also take time to pray for those experiencing suffering and persecution around the world on a regular basis.

So, what do we pray for? I want to suggest the following ways that we can #PrayforManchester and #PrayforLondon Continue reading

Exegeting my own heart

Preachers need to do three types of exegesis

1. We need to clearly understand the text

2. We need to know the congregation we are speaking to

3. We need to be aware of our own hearts.


The third one, exegeting myself, means being aware of where God is challenging us, this includes where he disagrees with and rebukes us but also where he encourages and comforts us. In other words, I pray “Lord speak to me that I may speak…”  It means being aware of where my biases, hobby horses, cultural assumptions etc are.

Here are some things that might help us to do this. Continue reading

Can I trust God? ( The Big Question at Easter)

Will God keep his promises? Is God someone I can depend and rely on? Our Easter Big Question was particularly with those in mind who feel that God has let them down. If we believe that God has promised us that we will marry a certain person,  that we will be healed or that we will get the exam grades we need and then that doesn’t happen we may be tempted to doubt God. In fact,  it may well devastate your faith.  Continue reading

When you’ve nothing left to give

Do you feel like you’ve nothing more to give, like you’ve come to the end of yourself? Maybe you’ve felt like that in the past, maybe you feel that way now. There’s a good chance that you are going to know that feeling at some point in the future. Continue reading

The Lord of the Church (Revelation 1)


At the start of the New Year  here are 2 Questions

  1. How are we going to get through another year?

We finished 2016 talking about peace. This was in the context of:

–          A Troubled World

–          Our own personal challenges

–          The call to be faithful witnesses  in the face of pressure/opposition/stretched resources etc

The book of Revelation is a vision that John[1] shares with the church -which is from Jesus. Continue reading

What God has said and what God has done

We asked those questions yesterday at our prayer meeting.  This wasn’t in a sort of mystical close your eyes and try and hear an inner voice kind of way. Rather, we work from a strong belief that when we are gathering as a local church and God’s Word is opened and expounded then God speaks revealing his will to us, encouraging us, challenging us comforting us. When a local church gathers around God’s Word to hear him speak and responds obediently then God acts, bringing people to faith in Him, changing us and growing us to be more like him. Continue reading