How do you Know? – now with Study Guide

One of our aims when we set up Faithroots was to provide teaching and training material to help people get involved in church life especially in leading, preaching & teaching and pastoral care. Continue reading


The Return of the King

The book of Revelation is a fascinating read. It should also be challenging, exciting and encouraging for believers. Sadly, the book has tended to be treated as a source book for every weird and wonderful theory and the result of this has been contention and division rather than encouragement and building up. This has put many Christians and churches off of reading and teaching through Revelation.

It shouldn’t be like this. Readers of the book are promised a blessing and it is a book packed with vital lessons for today’s church. This year we are embarking on a preaching series in Revelation and to help us prepare as a teaching team, I put together a series of articles which were also published here on I’ve now put these together into a little e-book called “Return of the King: Reading and teaching the book of Revelation.” It’s now available from our publications page.

How do we hear God?

In our recent mini-series on Worship and gifts, we saw that there are 3 key reasons for gathering to worship. These are: To glorify God, to encourage each other and to hear God speak.

So how do we hear God speak?  What can we know about God from the world around us? Is it possible for us to use our reasons to discover the truth about God? Why is the Bible so important? What part do things like prophecy, words of knowledge, dreams and visions have to play in the church today. Continue reading

Marriage, Gender and Worship

This Sunday, our Sunday morning Congregations are back looking at 1 Corinthians.  We’re about to delve into a section on public worship. We’ll be finding out what is meant to happen when believers gather together, how we should share communion together and what it means to exercise our gifts to glorify God and build one another up. Continue reading