People like me

I wrote in an earlier article about how the decision to pursue a perceived elite to enable trickle down evangelism was such a massive wrong turn in the 20th century. It’s not that elitism is the only problem, rather, it is an example of a dangerous attitude and is indeed exemplary of the way that attitude works. Continue reading


Unfinished business, legacies and racism

On Sunday I preached about unfinished business between David and the Gibeonites (2 Samuel 21). . We saw how Saul’s actions a generation earlier were still having an affect under David’s reign. We saw that superstitious concepts about generational curses are wrong but that there is a Biblical principle that our actions can have far reaching consequences. Continue reading

Not just clumsy … Wrong

You’ll have seen the commentary on the Northern Men’s Convention and the controversial publicity for this year’s event. Following Graham Nicholl’s challenge on the Affinity site that the language of the invitation was clumsy, a statement from the convention appeared on their website this morning apologising and acknowledging that the language was “clumsy.” By midday, that apology had disappeared Continue reading

The Foreigner in your midst: Immigration, Racism and The Church

The other day, I picked up on the theme of “the foreigner in your midst.” There is a Biblical principle for how we treat, love and care for immigrants. I want to push that a little bit further because, as the campaigners for the abolition of the slave trade realised, when someone has put their trust in Jesus, they are not a foreigner in our midst, they are part of God’s people, they are part of the family. Continue reading

Who is anti-Semitism a problem for?

I wrote a little while back about anti-Semitism.  I also had a little disagreement with a Christian news editor who tweeted the image at the heart of part of the recent political controversy (the painting removed in Tower Hamlets). It was my view that republishing the offending image was unnecessary we don’t need to show something for people to know it is wrong (you didn’t find people publishing examples of the type of pornography that Damien Green was alleged to have on his computer).  The response I got back was that people needed to see the image in order to decide for themselves whether it was anti-Semitic. Continue reading

A statement on “Punish a Muslim” Day

It has been drawn to my attention that a letter has been circulating in some areas encouraging people to punish Muslims for the hurt and heartache they have caused.  You can see a copy of the letter, and a response on Stephen Kneale’s blog here.  Continue reading

The Problem with Anti-Semitism

A couple of weeks back, I was talking to Nueva Vida about Jude 16- 19. In the context of that we talked about why we take communion to remember. It is not just an intellectual remembrance, It goes deeper than that. We can remember facts but we can lose the significance, lose the freshness, lose the now-ness. Communion takes us back to that place. This is particularly important for succeeding generations who were not physically present at Calvary. Continue reading