Who is anti-Semitism a problem for?

I wrote a little while back about anti-Semitism.  I also had a little disagreement with a Christian news editor who tweeted the image at the heart of part of the recent political controversy (the painting removed in Tower Hamlets). It was my view that republishing the offending image was unnecessary we don’t need to show something for people to know it is wrong (you didn’t find people publishing examples of the type of pornography that Damien Green was alleged to have on his computer).  The response I got back was that people needed to see the image in order to decide for themselves whether it was anti-Semitic. Continue reading


A statement on “Punish a Muslim” Day

It has been drawn to my attention that a letter has been circulating in some areas encouraging people to punish Muslims for the hurt and heartache they have caused.  You can see a copy of the letter, and a response on Stephen Kneale’s blog here.  Continue reading

The Problem with Anti-Semitism

A couple of weeks back, I was talking to Nueva Vida about Jude 16- 19. In the context of that we talked about why we take communion to remember. It is not just an intellectual remembrance, It goes deeper than that. We can remember facts but we can lose the significance, lose the freshness, lose the now-ness. Communion takes us back to that place. This is particularly important for succeeding generations who were not physically present at Calvary. Continue reading

Do we really want free speech? If so, why?

The question of free speech has been in the news a bit recently. First of all, there was the case of Facebook deciding to ban Britain First. Then a  comedian was prosecuted for making an offensive joke on YouTube. The issue with the joke was that it was racist/anti-Semitic. Continue reading

The Problem with prejudice another perspective (part 3 )

We have seen the danger of prejudice including “implicit bias.” This includes:

  1. The danger that if I have an implicit bias against others I may misjudge them, I may mishear them. I may fail to see what they have to offer, fail to encourage them in their gifts and fail to hear truth from them.
  2. The danger that I may experience of perceive implicit bias from others means that I will hear everything they have to say as loaded, subjective and prejudiced. I may miss the truth when it is spoken by them. I may mistrust them and reject the love that freely offer.

Here are some reflections on how we can move forward. Continue reading

The problem with prejudice – another perspective (part 2)

Last week, Sarah Champion was forced to resign from the Shadow Cabinet. What did she do wrong? Well she wrote an article for the Sun in which she said

“Britain has a problem with Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.”[1] Continue reading

Multi-cultural Church – The Challenge of Racism

A Little while back I had some correspondence with @Litabny about how we plant and pastor churches in urban, multicultural areas. I posted some of the correspondence here.

In the follow up conversation, we talked about how racism can be a barrier to achieving that.  Here are some of my jotted comments: Continue reading