Sabbatical: Refreshment, Reading and Visiting

So my sabbatical started a week ago. On the advise of a few people, I didn’t dive straight into study but took time this week to pause and reflect. This meant enjoying quite a bit of time with the phone off and away from email.  You know, life can be quite peaceful without email!

We spent a few days down in Kent. Sarah’s sister has just had a baby boy and so we got to spend a bit of time with the family. This also meant a visit to Rochester Baptist Church where I spent 10 years as a member before going to Oak Hill.

It was encouraging to see that the church is still growing. Every time we return we realise that there are more people that we don’t know. I would say that the majority of church members are people we wouldn’t remember and who wouldn’t remember us from when we lived in Kent. That’s a good thing. Continue reading


Sabbath Rest

Coming up we have an article on  Creation, work and rest. In it I mention a couple of differing views on the Sabbath day. It is worth noting that we have to take a step a little further back when thinking about how to apply this. Here are some questions to think through that different Christians take different views on. Continue reading

God, Work and Rest

Friends Reunited

Back some time ago when we were looking at the Doctrine of the Trinity, we introduced some people to provide some case studies. These helped us think more carefully about how the Doctrine of the Trinity applied practically to real life.

You may remember them: Continue reading