..but the Bible doesn’t claim to be the Word of God does it? – more on the Steve Chalke debate

One of the oddest arguments by professing Christians in the most recent Steve Chalke dispute is “The Bible doesn’ claim to be the Word of God.” It’s an odd claim because: Continue reading


Steve Chalke Responds: Is the Bible the Word of God? Is it infallible?

Following David Robertson’s robust critique of his position, Premier Christianity invited Steve Chalke to respond and explain more about how he understood Scripture.

You can read Steve’s article here.

I want to pick up on a few things in Steve’s article.  Continue reading

Taking Scripture seriously: Why Steve Chalke gets the Bible wrong

Steve Chalke has been posting a series of 95 short film clips to mark the Reformation. His aim is to encourage a conversation and in effect a new reformation in our approach to Scripture.

In video 10 he talks about the Bible being a library of books that reflect the faulty cultural views of the authors.  This means that:

“These books chart the long discussion between God who inspired, initiated and pushed the conversation forward and men and women created in his image.”

“These books reveal the all too often partial but at the same time gradually expanding human understanding of the character of God and what it means to be human.” Continue reading

Does Scripture need the church?

Ian Paul has shared a conversation he had on Twitter about Scripture and tradition here

The question about the relationship between tradition and Scripture is important for Evangelicals to be aware about. We after all talk about relying on Scripture alone. However other Christians argue that we should rely on a variety of authorities including Tradition, Experience and Reason. I have written about this in ” Wesley on the Slave Trade” which is available from our publications page. Continue reading