Troublemaker (2) How a sermon takes and changes shape

I wanted to share a little bit of my sermon preparation process with you.  The process starts quite a way back. I am currently spending a lot of time reading and thinking about 2 Corinthians which we will be going through in the autumn.

Then in the week before I am due to preach, I will look at the passage in detail, annotating a copy of it, identifying the logical flow of the text, highlighting key words and phrases, looking out for unusual, difficult to understand and challenging statements.  From this I will identifying the main application that we are being asked to focus on this week.   Continue reading


End Game (Preaching 2 Samuel 14-24 part 3)

“Mercy and Grumbling” 2 Samuel 19

David is re-called as King.  He shows mercy to Shimei who cursed him and to Mephibosheth who insists that Ziba had lied about him.  At the same time things look less than rosy. Joab is unhappy at David mourning for Absalom. He expects him to show strength of leadership and gratitude to those who fought for him.  The people’s reason for returning David to the throne doesn’t seem to be based on fulsome loyalty. Yes, David had defeated the Philistines but was weak and driven out by Absalom.  Then there’s division and grumbling again when the people of Judah are seen to be taking priority in bringing David back. Continue reading

Paul’s “Women Problem” and #Churchtoo (Part 3)

We are continuing to look at 1 Timothy 2:15

“15 But women will be saved through childbearing,[c] assuming they continue to live in faith, love, holiness, and modesty.”

We have seen that we need to think about the text in its wider context and first of all, we have done this by looking at Paul’s theology. Now we can look at the verse in the context of the Bible passage it is part of.

What is happening here?

Continue reading

The dilemma you don’t need to have

So, one of the dilemmas people sometimes struggle with when thinking about urban mission is that they want to communicate the Gospel and that means teaching the Bible but that means using words, reading, speaking to the mind and will that end up being intellectual and not speaking to those we want to reach.  Continue reading

The richness of expository preaching

We have just run a series of 13 articles on the subject of justice. These all sprang from a sermon on Proverbs 21.  That one sermon prompted 13 articles reminds us of two things. First of all, it reminds us of one of the reasons why we run the faithroots website, there is a limit to how much you can cover in one single 30-minute sermon. We encourage Bearwood Chapel members to follow up Sunday teaching by using faithroots as a resource, by doing personal study picking up recommended reading, through 1-1, family and small group conversation and by prayerful obedient application to daily life. Continue reading

Bearwood Chapel Review of 2016


2016bearwood chapel has come to an end. It’s been another busy and eventful year in the life of Bearwood Chapel. Here are some of the highlights and challenges that we’ve seen through the year. Continue reading

The Return of the King

The book of Revelation is a fascinating read. It should also be challenging, exciting and encouraging for believers. Sadly, the book has tended to be treated as a source book for every weird and wonderful theory and the result of this has been contention and division rather than encouragement and building up. This has put many Christians and churches off of reading and teaching through Revelation.

It shouldn’t be like this. Readers of the book are promised a blessing and it is a book packed with vital lessons for today’s church. This year we are embarking on a preaching series in Revelation and to help us prepare as a teaching team, I put together a series of articles which were also published here on I’ve now put these together into a little e-book called “Return of the King: Reading and teaching the book of Revelation.” It’s now available from our publications page.