Can I accept Jesus as Saviour and not as Lord?

Can I accept Jesus as Saviour and then at a later stage submit to him as Lord?  I only really became aware that this was an issue after reading John McArthur’s “You call me Lord.”  However, on the internet you will discover that this is quite an inflammatory issue.  Those who answer yes are accused of offering half a gospel/two stage Christianity/easy believism/cheap grace. Those who answer no are put under the label “Lordship Salvation” and accused of preaching salvation by works. Continue reading

“We want a Government that obeys God’s Law…” Okay, but what does that actually mean?

In our last article, we saw that some Christians believe that the State should seek to enact God’s Law. We saw that this particularly describes Theonomists who would like to see the Old Testament penal codes enforced. We also saw that “Jubilee” campaigns have their roots in what the Old Testament teaches about care for the poor, stewardship of the land and debt relief and cancellation.  But also, there will be times when some of us simply express the wish that the Government would abandon self-interest and human ideology, turning instead to God and honouring his ways.

The challenge I raised against this outlook was that this raises questions about how God’s Law applies today. Continue reading