The Truth about God – and why it matters

As well as opinion articles, leadership tips, book reviews and sermon notes, over time on we’ve been looking  the big questions about God, Creation, Humanity and New Creation. We do this because what we believe affects how we live. This means that the big doctrinal questions are important.

We are now coming to the end of our series on “Who is God?”  So this is a good opportunity to stop and sum up the practical implications of what we believe about Him. Continue reading


What Mike Ovey taught me

This weekend, we heard that Mike Ovey, Principal at Oak Hill College, had died suddenly aged 58.  The news was sad and a shock.  Mike is going to be greatly missed, though we are encouraged by the reminder on the Oak Hill website “that for Mike, death is not an end but a glorious beginning”[1] because he is now with the Lord. Continue reading

God wills and Decrees (God Acts 1)

God is active and working. We know that from what Jesus tells us in John 5: 17. When Jesus worked here on earth, healing and teaching, casting out demons, raising the dead, he was doing what his father did. Continue reading

The Trinity and a broken friendship

We now come to Precosia, the last of the group of people we met a little while back. With each of the scenarios, we have seen that what we believe about God and specifically about the Trinity is relevant to how we handle pastoral situations in the life of the church. The Doctrine of the Trinity is not dry theory but something deeply relevant and practical. Continue reading

“Don’t get drunk on wine …” What happens when an alcoholic meets the Trinity?

Methuselah was one of the people we met a few weeks back.  He had a drink problem. Now we know what The Bible has to say about alcohol. Whilst wine gladdens the heart (Psalm 104:15; Ecclesiastes 10:19) and is useful for sickness (1 Timothy 5:23), drunkenness damages and is associated with folly (Proverbs 20:1; 21:17).  Paul contrasts being drunk with being filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18). Continue reading